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Physical Therapy


Our physical therapists are experts in rehabilitating injuries and conditions associated with functional mobility with movement-based treatments. They are able to identify strengths and weaknesses of patients' stature and provide injury- prevention exercises. Their pain relief modalities include dry needling, TENS units and more, but they are also focused on educating patients on self care, identifying triggers, warning signs and the intent of your physical therapy goals.

Massage therapy sessions are completely customized to the patient and what they need during the session. It may include many modalities at once such as:

Swedish massage 

Sports massage

Medical massage

Deep tissue


Trigger point work.

Massage  Therapy


Nutrition & Dietetics

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Medical nutrition therapy is conducted with a Registered Dietitian through dietary and behavioral counseling, in addition to prescribing therapeutic diets associated with:

Healthy eating

Weight loss

Sports performance

Body composition

Metabolic Syndrome

Bone health

Supporting healthy aging.

During an exercise consultation, the exercise physiologist will take a brief medical history with an emphasis placed on cardiovascular and orthopedic history. A detailed exercise history with preferences and current activities will be discussed. A review of your recent diagnostic testing will be examined and may be used to guide recommendations for your exercise program. Together, you and the exercise physiologist will discuss short-term and long-term goals to provide the most appropriate exercise program. All exercise components, guidelines, and techniques are explained and demonstrated if needed, for a comprehensive cardiovascular, strength training, and flexibility program.

Exercise Physiology

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Sports Science


Sport Science validates that the Work Works. Utilizing VALD Performance’s NordBord, ForceFrame and ForceDecks we can achieve a comprehensive sport-specific view of an athlete's or member’s performance within their training program.  

NordBord - Hamstring Testing System. 

ForceFrame - Strength Testing System. Repeatable, adaptable strength testing and training for every major joint in the body. 

ForceDeck - Dual Force Plate System. Analyzing jumps, strength, power, and asymmetries. 

DynaMo - Handheld Dynamometer and Inclinometer. Allows us to assess a patient/member/athlete’s strength and range of motion (ROM) across every major joint in the body. 

An array of cutting edge modalities to help you efficiently recover from the stresses placed on your body throughout the day.

Infrared Therapy Laser

Full body CryoTherapy

Cold Plunge & Hot Tub

ARRC red light therapy bed

Hyperice recovery suite including:

Massage guns

Air compression sleeves

Heated massage belts

Hot, Cold, and Contrast Therapy

Recovery Room

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