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The Court


The ARMORY Arena is an 88' by 50' basketball court. These dimensions are right in between the official sizes of high school and professional basketball courts.

The floor is made from hard maple wood, making it the most consistent playing surface, as well as putting less strain on athletes' joints. The floor is also marked and fully equipped to host volleyball.

THE ARMORY Arena has 4 video displays: a megatron on one end of the court, 3 flat screen TVs on the front of our scorers table, and another flat screen on the opposite end of the arena.


The arena is also equipped with a professional sound system that can be controlled via bluetooth, wifi, or plug-in.



Streaming Services


THE ARMORY Arena is equipped with 3 PTZ cameras: one on either end of the court and one at mid court. Our scorers table is well equipped with all the necessary technology to:

Stream to any platform

Add live commentary

Control all 3 PTZ cameras

Easily switch between cameras

Bring in your own production crew to stream your event to fans around the world, or hire our in house production team.

THE ARMORY Arena is available for rental. Whether it be for a sporting event, practice, or a party, our Arena is a phenomenal facility to host any event.

To rent the arena, contact Tyrel Jackson via email at:

Rental Fee

$100 per hour

Court Rentals

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