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THE ARMORY is a health and fitness hub, a nucleus, a center, a source for enhancing optimal health for all. It aims to revolutionize the approach to healthcare in America by promoting proactive and comprehensive care, empowering individuals to lead a sustainable and healthy lifestyle. It is a health and wellness model for our time.


All aspects of health and wellness are considered here and woven together to provide a complete picture of a person’s overall health.  When combined with a team approach that includes not only top healthcare providers across multiple disciplines, the latest tools and technology, and state of the art facilities, but also includes the input of the patient themself, the result is the most complete, honest, and transparent approach possible to an individual’s healthcare.

what people are saying about 



"As a Shield member I can say the staff at THE ARMORY  are nothing but the best. The Wellness Coordinator, Nurses, Dietician, Physical Therapist all the way up to Dr. Bailey have been exceptional week in and week out.  With their guidance, kindness, and patience I have learned about proper nutrition & exercise while building confidence in myself and my abilities.  This has allowed me to lose approximately 85 lbs of fat and over 42 inches from my neck, chest, waist, pant, and hip over an 18 month period, all while in my early 50's.  If you are willing to put in the effort they will be there to support you the entire way on your journey."

Braxton Miller

Businessman, Community Leader, Former OSU Football Player

"Being a part of a great family oriented organization has been a true blessing . THE ARMORY has filled my needs for my day-to-day access to a prominent doctor, and being able to use a top-tier facility that offers all of the amenities that I need for my youth sports program. Doctor Shawn has been an amazing resource for me & family. I can't thank him enough for what he has done for my blood pressure issues as he fixed it by me just following his plans to manage it. We are just getting started, the future is bright for our community."
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