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Activity is essential to maintain good physical and mental health to prevent disease, enhance longevity and maximize quality of life.

It is necessary to find a workout/training methodology the body will respond to for optimal results. There is NO "one size fits all" when it comes to fitness. Everyone is unique.

THE ARMORY is designed to offer an extremely wide variety of options to accommodate proper fitness pathways for you.

Whether it is free weights, cardio equipment, small group or large group classes there is something here for you.  An extensive program for athletic strength and conditioning is available.  We also offer sport specific skills coaching for those who prefer to train like a pro athlete or want to become one.


We also offer individualized app based fitness programs for those who prefer guidance from a strength and conditioning specialist.


If that is not enough, THE ARMORY (home of our flagship weight room and gym), offers even more additional pathways to fitness with 2 exclusive ARMORY annex gyms (Grandview ProFit and Worthington ProFit).  



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Worthington Pro Fitness

Grandview Pro Fitness


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athletics and sports performance

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