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At THE ARMORY, we believe optimal performance and long-term health depend on the body’s ability to recover from stresses imposed from life.


Recovery refers to the physiological and psychological processes that help an individual restore their body and mind to optimal states after undergoing physical, mental and emotional stress. These processes aid in repairing tissue damage, replenishing energy stores, and reducing fatigue, facilitating enhanced performance, preventing injuries and maintaining happiness and an overall sense of well-being. 

Your ARMORY recovery team members include 

dietetics graphic.png

Physical Therapists

massage therapy graphic.png

Massage Therapists

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Registered Dietitians

exercise physiology graphic.png

Exercise Physiologists

sports science graphic.png

Sports Scientists

recovery services

At THE ARMORY, your recovery team has many cutting edge modalities available to help you on your journey including:


ARRC Photobiomodulation Bed

LightForce Musculoskeletal Therapy Laser

CryoXcel Whole Body Cryotherapy

Avanto Cold Plunge Tubs


VALD Performance (NordBord, ForceDecks, & ForceFrame)

IV Hydration

Hyperice Recovery Suite

Meal Prep Services (powered by Visionary Meals)

DEXA Body Composition Analysis​​​

SmartCuffs 4.0 Clinical Blood Flow Restriction Training

Dry Needling

Manual Therapy



Scroll below to view some of your potential options

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