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THE ARMORY is transforming the health of all its members through superior service, best-in-class doctors and allied health professionals, cutting-edge equipment, modern and spacious designed facilities, and a membership model that focuses on direct

customer-to-health specialist care. Here, your health is our #1 priority.

The Difference in our Approach

We believe insurance is a barrier to receiving well-rounded healthcare. Removing insurance from the equation has enabled us to elevate provider-to-patient quality service. It has also enabled us to attract the most caring and talented professionals, Most caring and talented professionals committed to maintaining proactive and well-informed health practices. We provide the resources for our members to maintain optimal wellness on their own or to be coached through the challenges of becoming the healthiest possible version of themselves. 

Our focus is on you, which means no rushed visits or stones left unturned



Together, we uncover what it is you want help with in achieving your mental and physical wellness for optimal health.



We set you up for success with a program and plan that supports you and addresses a holistic and complete view of health. Whether that is to address an existing health concern or simply a desire to improve and maintain longevity in health.


Commitment & Reliability

Team Hugging

Care & Community

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Positive & Supportive

We meet you where you are. No matter your current or past story, we want you to feel confident that you have our unbiased support. We are here for you with the tools, resources, community, and professional support to reach your health goals.

You commit to us, and we commit to you, and working together the positive health outcomes and results will follow. Real change is about finding sustainable wins and building from there with the information and tools of health to be the most successful in your journey.

We are all here for the same reason, to achieve the best possible health and wellness. We are here for each other, will cheer each other on, pull each other up when we are struggling, and celebrate our victories together. It is the ultimate team approach.

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