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The ARMORY has a dedicated large group training space, well-equipped with five half-squat racks, Olympic and Bella barbells, a set of weight plates for each bar, an array of kettlebells, dumbbells, medicine balls, resistance bands, TRX straps and other strength training equipment. The durable rubber floor will help absorb impact for plyometric movements. The room offers privacy and quiet for recovery classes or the music can be loud and banging when members are slinging weights. 


Unlimited Group Training Classes are included in The ARMORY Elite and Shield memberships.

Pro Fitness and ARMORY members can drop in to a class for $30 or upgrade their memberships for unlimited access.

The ARMORY will be offering five basic classes to best fit your needs:

Strength: Strength will improve muscle mass and function. In this class, the focus is a compound barbell lift, such as squat, deadlift or bench press. In addition, expect to incorporate body-weight, free weight, and barbell exercises to improve accessory strength and stabilizers. Each class is led by ARMORY Coaches to ensure proper form and mechanics. As athletes progress, increased resistance will be placed on the body to continue to optimize strength gains and increase muscle mass. Strength not only gives you stronger muscles and bones, it helps stabilize and protect your joints, leads to better mental well-being and can help reduce body fat.

Power: Power is a high-intensity, challenging, heart-pounding workout that will take you out of your comfort zone. In this class, expect to get your sweat on by sprinting, rowing, jumping rope and much more! Interval training means that you will alternate between hard efforts and recovery. This class will incorporate resistance exercises and functional movements that unleash your inner athlete. Power up to burn calories, boost metabolism and improve performance!


Resilience: Resilience is a class for the well-being of athletes of all levels. In this class, we will focus on flexibility, mobility, balance, stress relief, restoration, and body awareness. Movements in this class will be low-impact and low-intensity. A strong athlete is a resilient athlete, with the ability to recover quickly and develop a strong mind and body. 


Strength & Power: A mix of Strength and Power moves, this high-energy, high-intensity class will challenge you in new and unexpected ways!


Strength 101: Are you looking to get stronger but don't know where to start? This class will introduce you to strength training in a safe, non-intimidating environment. Designed for beginners, but open to all, this class, led by a certified personal trainer, will break down weight training moves and help each individual get stronger within their own fitness level and abilities. 

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