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Aaron Badowski

Aaron Badowski

I am truly grateful for The Armory Team and Shield membership. I truly feel like I have a dedicated partner in my personal health journey. At 26 yrs old I feel I have true control of my health and it is all thanks to The Armory and the Shield Membership.

I have been a member of The Armory/Grandview Primary Care since May of 2020. The Armory is one of my favorite things about the city of Columbus. It is my home. As a gym member it has been a contagious community of amazing members that are all striving to better themselves and their health. As a partner in my health, Grandview Primary Care/The Armory Staff has been by my side through so many events. Ultimately, The Armory helps me avoid sickness and disease by supporting me with the tools and data to live a healthy lifestyle.

Services used

Soft Tissue Mobilization

Dry Needling

Musculoskeletal Assessment

Exercise Mobility Assessment

Dexa Body Scans

IV Hydration

Armory Weight Room

RMR Testing

Primary Care Medical Service

24/7 Grandview Pro Fitness

Massage Therapy

Email/Text Medical Provider

Physical Therapy

VO2 Max Testing

Laboratory Testing

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