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Introducing ARMORY recovery lab, designed to boost recovery, identify potential weaknesses and to rehabilitate small injuries before they become big ones.

A contemporary mindset in athletics and sports development is what happens after you tear down your body following a proper workout.

Science based recovery training and principles can encompass a variety of practices we currently have available such as:

  • Physical Therapy 

    • E-stim

    • Graston

    • Dry Needling

    • Rehabilitation Plans

    • Personalized Exercise Plans

  • Massage Therapy

  • Registered Dietitian

    • Resting Metabolic Rate by Indirect Calorimetry​

    • Nutrition Plans

  • Meal Prep Services (powered by Visionary Meals)

  • DEXA Body Composition

  • Exercise Physiology

    • V02max 

    • Lactate Threshold

    • Stress Treadmill EKG

  • Blood Flow Restriction Training

  • Musculoskeletal Laser

  • IV Hydration

Physical Therapy services will continue at our PT Studio located at 751 Northwest Boulevard, Columbus, OH 43212, until phase 2 of The ARMORY renovation is complete. 

Registered Dietitian and Performance Medicine services will continue at Grandview Primary Care located at

833 Grandview Ave, Columbus 43215, until phase 2 of The ARMORY renovation is completed in 2024.


Learn more or to schedule an appointment please visit


A place to relax, rejuvenate, and reboot.  Modeled after the newest rooms currently being installed in NFL facilities across the league.


Hot and Cold Tubs

Luxury Showers


Steam Rooms

Hyperbaric Chambers

Hydromassage Bed

Dry Float Bed

Whole Body Red Light Therapy Bed

Whole Body Cryo Therapy Chamber/Cryosauna

and more...

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