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Sport Specific Speed and Agility

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Lil' Alpha (Ages 10-11):

Strength is a skill that must be developed like any other; By establishing and practicing proper fundamentals and technique, your child will benefit from our program by beginning their training education in a safe and encouraging setting that is directed by qualified professionals. We understand that everything must be taught as a progression and that competence must be demonstrated in the basics before adding complexity. Participation in our program will benefit your child’s temperament through the production of serotonin and dopamine that is associated with physical activity. Additionally, research has shown the developmental benefits of exercise on the hippocampus, the area of the brain associated with learning and memory. We are dedicated to providing your child with the highest quality of training for only $35 a session.

Jr. Alpha (Ages 12-13):

As children mature, the likelihood of injury is greater due to the rapid increase in force production by a growing body. Conditioning the ligaments and joints to handle said levels of force through resistance training will not only make your child stronger, but more injury resistant. Additionally, an introduction to foundational movement patterns will make your child more coordinated and equipped to handle the physical demands of high school sports, where they will soon have to compete with athletes who are more developed. The benefits of our program are not limited only to physical, as dedication to a structured and challenging exercise regime will do wonders for your child's resilience and mental resolve. Our staff of certified strength professionals will better prepare your child for the increasing demands of life for only $45 a class.

Alpha (High School):

Whether your child is an aspiring collegiate athlete or casually interested in exercise, high school is a pivotal time to reap the benefits of physical activity and resistance training. Strength and power are valuable commodities in high school sports, as 75% of participants are at a developmental disadvantage due to their age. Athletic considerations aside, this is also a period in which children progress into adulthood. Participation in our program will provide a sense of discipline and work ethic that will better prepare your child for the transition to adult life. Our state of the art sports science technology takes all of the guesswork out of measuring an athlete's progress by providing objective data to substantiate the efficacy and value of our program. For only $55 a class your child will gain access to certified strength professionals, a medical doctor, dietician, physical therapist, massage therapist, and an exercise physiologist. We have all of the essential tools to support your child’s development.


High School

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Jr. Alpha

12-13 yrs old

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Lil' Alpha

10-11 yrs old

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our team

Dean Grogg

Dean Grogg

Strength and Conditioning Coordinator

Anthony Schlegel

Anthony Schlegel

Executive Vice President - Fitness Division, Strength and Conditioning Expert

Breyona Colley EP-C

Breyona Colley EP-C

Clinical Exercise Physiologist, Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Volleyball Skills Coach

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