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THE ARMORY is central hub for medical, fitness and recovery.  Our goal is to provide resources and opportunities to improve overall well-being. We aim to revolutionize the approach to healthcare in America by providing an optimal amount of tools, resources and certified guidance to help develop an optimal you. THE ARMORY provides the professionals, essentials and resources necessary to improve anyone’s quality of life.


Physician owned and operated provides a unique situation that allows us to offer a wider range of equipment, group fitness, health/wellness programs and a medical membership option that provides full primary care coverage exclusive to our facilities. This is why THE ARMORY is considered a PERFORMANCE INSTITUTE and NOT just a FITNESS CENTER.

Members may choose to go beyond our gym only membership and enter a wide range of resources that will allow them to protect, build and recover their bodies with a physician engineered program to live a healthier lifestyle.  Starting with or upgrading to a SHIELD membership or an Athletic Development Membership (available spring 2024) will allow you to do so.  See memberships for details. 


Located in Grandview, our 22,000 (soon to be 59,000) square foot facility

is powered to accommodate the size of the surrounding area and more.

We welcome you to visit THE ARMORY to be better. 

"A health and wellness experience unlike any other"

medical offerings

Virtual Provider Visits

Exercise Stress Testing

Platelet Rich Plasma Injections

Primary Care Medical Service

Hormone Replacement Therapy

coming soon

In-House Pharmacy

Specialty Medical Care

Laboratory Testing

Mental Health Counseling

Intraarticular Steroid Injections

Email/Text Medical Provider

Psychiatric Consultation

fitness offerings

Armory Weight Room

Individual Personal Training

24/7 Grandview Pro Fitness

coming soon

Large Outdoor Training Area

24/7 Worthington Pro Fitness

Large Group Training and Yoga

Personal/Small Group Training

recovery offerings

Soft Tissue Mobilization

Dexa Body Scans

VO2 Max Testing

coming soon

Steam Room

coming soon

Red Light Therapy

Personal Nutrition Assessment

RMR Testing

IV Hydration

coming soon

Infared Sauna

coming soon

Dry Float Bed

Exercise Mobility Assessment

Massage Therapy

Meal Prep Service

coming soon

Luxury Locker Rooms

coming soon

Hot Tubs

Physical Therapy

Personalize Exercise Plans

Musculoskeletal Assessment

coming soon

Hyperbaric Chambers

Dry Needling

Exercise Physiologist Visits

Coming Soon


coming soon

Cold Tubs

athlete offerings

Basketball Training

Private Athlete Training

Coming Soon

Forceplate Testing

Volleyball Training

Coming Soon

Sport Specific Mobility

Full Size Basketball/Volleyball Court

Coming Soon

Sport Specific Neurocognitive

Sport Specific Strength & Conditioning

Coming Soon

Sport Specific Psychology

Sport Specific Speed and Agility

Coming Soon

Blood Flow Restriction Training

community offerings

Pro Shop

Coming Soon

Educational Classroom

Coming Soon

Coffee Shop and Cafe

Coming Soon

Community Workspace with Library

Coming Soon

Tutoring Programs

Coming Soon

Podcasting Studio

Coming Soon

Childcare Services

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